Tecgurus.co.za is an IT firm with a vision and expertise in professional website development and Mobile application development . With serve over 1000 companies in south africa and we also have incubators where we work with a lot of talented young people to innovate and make africa a better place. We also have a Humanitarian project called "IT-PROJECT-FOR-AFRICA" where we travel around South Africa and the rest of Africa teaching young adults computer programming skills. We are currently based in south africa.


We have developed a lot of websites and systems you can visit our portfolio page to take a look


Open Applications are now underway. Please submit your pitch today


The donation you make can help us teach even more children in ITPA



Increasing digital literacy across south africa

we teach these children how to code so that they can innovate the next big app, website or software.

Incubation program initiative is underway

Submit your pitch to us  starting in january 2018. application is free

Saving an African Child with Programming Skills

Do you know that there are over 1 billion jobs in field of computing in africa .